Choosing the Right Mobile Collaboration Solution

Organizations that implement robust mobility solutions can transform mobile teams and gain a strategic and competitive advantage. Explore how selecting the right mobility solution can successfully reshape your business teams and compare two mobile solutions: Microsoft’s SharePoint mobile app and the Infragistics’ SharePlus app.

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Keeping Your Mobile SharePoint & Office 365 Data Secure

Despite the advantages of mobility, security threats are evolving fast, demanding that IT Security Managers apply multi-level security policies across platforms devices. In this whitepaper, we explore how Infragistics’ SharePlus tackles these security challenges with the help of multiple layers of security best practices.

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Planning an Effective Mobile Strategy

With mobile technology Now a ubiquitous component of doing business, providing your employees with comprehensive mobile solutions is critical to the success of your enterprise. Learn how to plan, execute, and capitalize on an effective mobile strategy in this whitepaper.

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How to Choose the Right Collaboration Solution

Collaborative software has opened up a huge number of opportunities for businesses to work more effectively. Don’t miss out on the potential boost to productivity, efficiency and profit; ensure your teams are using tools that match their specific needs with the guidance in this whitepaper.

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Optimizing Your Mobile SharePoint Experience with SharePlus

Changes in technology have resulted in a global trend towards more mobile workforces, and Microsoft’s SharePoint has contributed massively towards revolutionizing the way employees work, interact, and collaborate. Get the facts about how SharePlus revolutionizes the way you leverage this change and access your SharePoint data on the go.

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