• ReportPlus Release Notes - Version 1.1.346.0

    ReportPlus Desktop Version 1.1.346.0 is here:


    • Added percentage distribution option for stacked series charts
    • Pie, Doughnut and Funnel chart labels can now be configured to display value, percentage or both
    • ReportPlus SDK item templates are now available
    • An ability to drill in data in Grid View has been added
    • Chart visualization settings’ improvements

    Fixed issues:

    • Dashboard title and buttons…
    • Tue, Apr 4 2017
  • What’s New in SharePlus: Simplified Creation of Data Visualizations

    We’re pleased to announce the release of a new version of SharePlus for iOS with a focus on simplified creation of data visualizations. As businesses race to become digital and keep work flowing anywhere, using data insights to make smarter decisions is more critical than ever before. Aware of the key role of self-service business intelligence (BI), we've significantly reduced the steps needed to create BI dashboards…

    • Thu, Feb 16 2017
  • ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release

    ReportPlus Desktop Version is here with feature enhancements, fixes and new SDK localization services too:


    • Calculated fields editor functional improvements
    • SharePoint enterprise repository performance improvements
    • Added drilling support the Treemap view
    • Move dashboards and folders support
    • Implemented Change Visualization Type in View Mode option
    • Added SDK Localization Service
    • Ad-hoc Hierarchies…
    • Thu, Feb 16 2017
  • Why Storytelling through Data Is a Required Skill in 2017

    Business Intelligence, data visualization and dashboards made a huge impact in 2016. In fact, 89% of business leaders believe big data will revolutionize business operations in the same way the Internet did. The exponential growth of business data - and the numerous choices a user has when it comes to visualization solutions available - make it hard for users to make sense of data effectively. Data visualizations are…

    • Thu, Jan 5 2017
  • Geographical Heat Maps and How to Use Them with ReportPlus

    Our recent ReportPlus release welcomed a new interactive real-time data visualization to our family — the Heat Map — available for you in ReportPlus Desktop for Windows & ReportPlus Mobile for iOS and Android. Let’s see what a heat map is and how you can use this view to improve your data-driven decision making.

    What is a Heat Map?

    Heat maps display the density of data points on a geographical map…

    • Mon, Dec 12 2016
  • ReportPlus Desktop 1.1.128 Release Notes

    We've just shipped some great new features with ReportPlus Desktop, Version 1.1.128! Thanks to your continuous feedback we're improving the product every day with the goal of making it easier for you to derive insights from your data.

    What's new with this release: A brand new data visualization type is joining the family - the Tree Map, we've also enhanced the Heat Map, added SharePoint dashboards repository support…

    • Mon, Dec 5 2016
  • ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release 1.0.1330.0

    ReportPlus Desktop Version 1.0.1330.0 is here with feature enhancements, fixes and a brand new visualization type - the HeatMap, to make it simple for you to create dashboards and tell your story within minutes.

    Important: How to Update

    Because of some major user management improvements in the latest version of ReportPlus Desktop, please note that you will need to first uninstall your ReportPlus Desktop application, and…

    • Tue, Oct 25 2016
  • What Content and Data Would a Professional Services Specialist Take on the Go

    The fundamental goal of those working in professional services is to assist clients through the managing and improving areas of their business, usually offering customized, knowledge-based solutions. Successful professional services depend on the expertise of individuals, meaning services cannot be standardized – instead, profitability is created through face-to-face interaction with clients. So, the ability to continue…

    • Mon, Oct 3 2016
  • ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release 1.0.1275.0

    ReportPlus Desktop Version 1.0.1275.0 is here with the following enhancements and fixes:


    • Sync favorite dashboards across devices
    • Sync recent dashboards across devices
    • Raise data rows limit from 50K to 100K

    Fixed Issues:

    • R+ Desktop does not display result in calculated field for dashboard created in iOS
    • The Fraction Digits formatting setting is not applied to Pie, Doughnut and Funnel visualizations…
    • Wed, Sep 28 2016
  • Infragistics/Nintex partnership enables efficiency everywhere

    Roles today have evolved — there are not as many assembly line workers, but the information worker is here to stay. As businesses race to become digital, team collaboration is more critical than ever before.

    Sales and marketing teams, field service representatives, or even traditionally office-bound teams like human resources, finance, and information technology, must be able to keep up with their work no matter…

    • Mon, Sep 26 2016
  • Top 10 Industries Benefiting from Big Data and Analytics

    There is a lot of noise on the Internet about Big Data: it’s the next big thing, it’s going to change how you work, it’s going to disrupt everything. There’s certainly a lot of truth in the idea that Big Data will have a big impact, but all the hype can feel a little abstract. So, in order to give you a clearer idea of how data insights and predictive analytics are actually changing industries, we’ve…

    • Thu, Sep 8 2016
  • How Mobility Can Improve Process Efficiency for Your Company

    Imagine you’re a sales rep and you’re out on the road a lot. It’s the Eighties and the way you do business is processional between the office, meeting your clients, returning to the office to input the various paperwork and data manually and repeat: you’re back on the road. Now imagine having the first Carphone, before anyone else. You can suddenly call ahead to your appointments; you can do your phone deals while you…

    • Wed, Aug 31 2016
  • Selecting and Deploying a Self-Service Data Visualization & Data Discovery Tool

    After the buzz around “Big Data” being the future of the BI in the enterprise gradually dying down, the focus has moved towards the world of data visualization. While Big Data of course holds considerable value – allowing companies to glean new insights and make more informed decisions – it needs a standardized framework in order for us to gain a real understanding of it, especially on a large scale. Data visualizations…

    • Thu, Aug 25 2016
  • ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release 1.0.1231.0

    ReportPlus Desktop Version 1.0.1231.0 is here with the following enhancements and fixes:


    • Exporting dashboard as .rplus file now prompts the user to include their local data files into .rplus file

    Fixed issues

    • Widget cannot be maximized after flipped to grid
    • The selected theme in the themes chooser is not correct
    • MySQL® data source editor suggests wrong default port 1433 as the correct one is 3306…
    • Thu, Aug 25 2016
  • Engaging with University Students of Today through Mobile Innovation

    It’s now the norm for every college student to be connected to the Internet via their smartphones, tablets or laptops. With Wi-Fi accessible across campus, students can be connected all hours of the day. But, while the students themselves are using up-to-date technology many other parts of the university (and higher education establishments in general) are struggling to keep up.

    “Ask any student ‘how has technology…

    • Mon, Aug 22 2016
  • Bring Your Box and OneDrive Spreadsheets to Life With ReportPlus

    Hot off the heels of our release of the first version of ReportPlus desktop, we are excited to announce that ReportPlus now supports connecting to Box and OneDrive to visualize your excel spreadsheets on ReportPlus Desktop and Mobile(iOS and Android). We currently support connecting to spreadsheets on DropBox, Google Drive, and SharePoint and with the addition of Box and OneDrive, we now support all of the most popular…

    • Wed, Aug 17 2016
  • ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release 1.0.1210

    ReportPlus Desktop Version 1.0.1210 is here with the following enhancements and fixes:


    • Box and OneDrive® data sources support
    • In-memory data source support (CTP)
    • CSV data source performance improvements
    • Custom dashboard themes support

    Fixed Issues:

    • The Submit Request button on Settings -> Feedback & Support -> Get Support tab leads to an incorrect page
    • Incomplete list of values returned…
    • Wed, Aug 17 2016
  • Data Visualization is Not Just a Buzz Word. Why Is It So Important?

    Do you ever get a little tired of office jargon?

    Maybe you have begun to think in paragraphs like this: To enable your Blue Sky Thinking, and to futureproof moving forward, you need to be constantly reaching out to the right stakeholders. As a business you aim to synergize in the right ways to leverage your mental real estate and create an uplift in your target verticals. Obviously. You do it by valuing your employee…

    • Fri, Aug 12 2016
  • Analysis Services Made Simple with ReportPlus

    Extracting a report from Microsoft Analysis Services can be a cumbersome experience: not only do you need to configure your server, but you must also configure a folder in Report Manager and configure the model you’ll be using. If you’re using Report Builder through a browser, you are stuck with an .RDL file, which you can only open using Report Builder. Try opening it with anything else, and you’re out of luck.…

    • Mon, Aug 8 2016
  • ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release 1.0

    ReportPlus Desktop Version 1.0 is here with the following enhancements and fixes:


    • Application themes support
    • Improved login experience

    Fixed Issues:

    • Dashboard cannot be opened when cloud repository is disabled in user's configuration
    • Exceptions during signing in are not properly logged
    • Log file size is not limited
    • Category series chart cannot be rendered when Japanese character appears…
    • Wed, Jul 27 2016
  • 5 Steps to Planning a Mobility Strategy That Works

    With mobile technology now a ubiquitous component of doing business, providing your employees with comprehensive mobile solutions is critical to the success of your enterprise. But simply handing them devices loaded with apps isn’t enough; it takes careful planning to execute an effective mobile strategy.

    Strategize or fall behind

    In a 2015 survey of 1200 knowledge workers in Western Europe and the US, employees…

    • Tue, Jul 26 2016
  • When to Buy Embedded BI

    When deciding to buy or build BI into your application it’s important to make that decision carefully and thoughtfully. In software development there always comes a time when you have to decide to build or buy certain software that you believe is necessary either within your product or to help build your product. You begin to search the web to find any existing tools out there that can solve the problem. Today, there…

    • Thu, Jul 21 2016
  • 5 Mistakes in Visualizing Different Types of Data and How to Overcome Them

    The popularity and impact of data visualizations has increased dramatically over a relatively short space of time. Google Trends shows a near 100% increase in search frequency for data visualizations since 2009, and we have seen a multitude of tools and software become available, allowing almost anyone to create data visualizations with relative ease.

    We are instinctively more drawn to images than text, as the brain…

    • Mon, Jul 18 2016
  • What’s New in ReportPlus?

    This is a HUGE update for ReportPlus! Most importantly we are releasing the first version of ReportPlus Desktop, but first let’s get a little background on where we have been and where we are going with ReportPlus.

    Our mission with ReportPlus has always been to help the modern worker gain insights from their data where and when they need it with true self-service that helps you get answers in minutes or hours …

    • Fri, Jul 8 2016
  • Visualize a Spreadsheet in Less than a Minute with ReportPlus

    Work environments may be ever-changing, but deadlines are deadlines - often non-negotiatable terms. While nothing makes us more productive than the last minute, we live in a world of no excuses: you either deliver your work successfully and on time, or you underperform. Missing a deadline might even mean losing a contract, even if it’s over something as simple as a proposal or a presentation, you’d better have a solid…

    • Thu, Jul 7 2016