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Your digital transformation success depends on the strength of your application development efforts. Let us help you prepare for what's next.

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Digital Transformation

dig-i-tal trans-for-ma-tion

The transformation of business activities, process, competencies & models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across the organization in a strategic and prioritized way.

Your Situation is All Too Common

You have been asked to play a key role in putting your company on a successful path to realize the benefits of digital transformation. After the excitement of the task at hand wears off, the reality of the challenges on your path to success start to set in:

The Problem

  • Always a shortage of time and money
  • Your team lacks the skills needed to succeed
  • Growing demand for new applications won't subside

You Are Not Alone

of organizations are experiencing an application development backlog
of organizations said it takes 3 months to create new applications.
of organizations say it takes more than a year to successfully deliver a new project



Every few decades a technology trend so ground-breaking and wide-sweeping comes along, it requires everyone in an organization to change their priorities, the way they work, and their skillset in order to simply survive.

We've Got the Experience to Prepare you for What's Next

With the explosion of .NET in the world of desktop application development, turning to Infragistics UI controls helped make you successful. Let Infragistics assist your organization again in navigating the best path forward, using our combined tooling and training in the four essential areas of digital transformation.

User Experience

Looking to jumpstart a UX practice? Ideal for organizations without a formal UX function, this one-week consulting engagement:

  • Provides secure on-premises or cloud-hosted team workspaces
  • Specific project consulting services
  • Includes product license for Indigo Studio Enterprise or On Prem
Indigo On-Prem Complete Offer Details » Indigo Studio Complete Offer Details »

Unlocking Data Insights

Quickly and cost-effectively transform your business data into a competitive advantage with the embedded BI product and services PowerBI, Tableau, and Salesforce don’t want you to find out about:

  • Hands-on workshop and advanced guidance for embedded BI
  • Create, modify, publish, & distribute dashboards in your apps
  • Product training & services
  • Low cost, scalable pricing model
ReportPlus Embedded Offer Details »

Angular & JavaScript Bootcamp

This offer is designed to accelerate and support development teams in moving existing applications to (or building new ones in) a modern web architecture:

  • Angular masterclass
  • Ignite UI for Angular, a JavaScript deep dive, and modern web development best practices
  • Hands-on labs & workshops
  • Take-home courseware & Ignite UI subscriptions with 3 years of new features, updates, & support
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Modernize Desktop Applications

Your existing desktop applications are the backbone of your organization. Learn how updating these apps will make your organization more productive:

  • Conduct a UX analysis & design review
  • Interaction model recommendations & go-forward planning
  • Expert Analysis & Code Review of Your Application
  • Full licenses of Infragistics UI for WPF with 3 years of new features, updates, & support
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