Modernize Desktop Applications

Your existing desktop applications are the backbone of your organization. Learn how updating these apps will make your organization more productive.


Windows Forms and WPF applications form the backbone of most organizations, but have recently become overshadowed by the volume and capabilities of modern web development. Teams supporting (and creating) desktop applications are left wondering how to bring the same level of user experience and functionality to their products. Infragistics can aid organizations in their modernization effort by providing guidance through a combination of User Experience and Development reviews, combined with the massive library of feature-rich Windows Forms and WPF controls.

During the first stage of this two-step process, our UX experts work with your product owners and end users to get an understanding of the application in order to identify problematic areas that can easily be addressed. The UX architects make recommendations on changes, and create designs to show the resulting impact on the end-user experience.

Once the UX design stage is complete, the Infragistics Development Services team performs their review of the controls in use, the functionality implemented in those controls, and the styling methodology employed. The output of that step is a list of recommended controls to use (based on the feedback from the previous UX stage), functionality to incorporate to aid the end-user in their tasks, and examples on how to create a centralized styling approach.

This combination of UX and Development input provides you and your team with a complete view of where your application can be improved to exemplify a modern look and feel, while giving your users additional functionality to get their jobs done.


This offering is designed to help identify both UX and Development modernization opportunities within desktop applications.

This offer includes:

  • Three days of UX Review, Analysis, and Design
  • Two days of Development Review, Implementation, and Styling
  • 5 seats of Infragistics Ultimate (3 years with standard support)


Any organization with desktop applications in need of refresh can benefit from this offer.


The UX Architect should have access to both a fully functional and running application as well as subject-matter expert who can walk them through the existing use cases and workflows. The Development Consultant should have access to the source code and to the core developers supporting the application.


We provide this 5-day course at our headquarters in Cranbury, NJ, onsite at your offices anywhere in the world, or remotely over web meeting.

Services Engagement Schedule

Developer Track

UX Review

Carry out stakeholder interviews and an expert UX review of your application to identify interaction models and screen layouts in need of updating.


Review findings and preferred interactions, layouts, and transitions for desktop, web, and mobile environments.


Create screen redesigns in Indigo Studio, demonstrating both the value of the UX process and the speed of design within Infragistics' own prototyping tool.

Development Review, Implementation, and Styling

Analysis of the current status of your application, from controls and implemented functionality to the styling in use throughout each control and form.

Task 1 - UX Review, Analysis, and Design


Identify problematic platform-specific interaction models and screen layouts, recommend interaction models and screen layouts, and create representative screen redesigns using Indigo Studio


  • Infragistics carries out stakeholder interviews and an expert UX review of the application in order to identify problematic platform-specific interaction models and screen layouts
  • Based on the results of the expert UX review and interviews, Infragistics recommends platform-agnostic interaction models and screen layouts preferred for desktop, web, and mobile.


  • Infragistics generates an interactive concept design that shows the envisioned interaction between users and the application based on the identified requirements (number of screens designed limited to time available – additional screens can be designed via addition of hours through a change order)
  • The interaction design covers layout, navigation, content, interactivity, and will be communicated in form of wireframes, “skeleton versions” of the screens: showing stateaction-state sequences of the user interface with all required data points and functions in context, yet without visual design and coding.
  • The wireframes are not in code, have no data binding and only covers those screens and use cases in scope of this project. It features a limited set of functionality. Not every possible interaction and screen state is covered.
  • The focus of the mockup is to demonstrate an interactive demonstration of the new interaction design direction – not on detailed visual design


24 hours


UX Architect

Task 2 - Development Review, Implementation, and Styling


Review existing control usage and styling methodology, and incorporate feedback from the UX task above


  • Work with development team leads to identify current list of utilized controls
  • Examine recommendations from the UX Architect
  • Identify newer controls and functionality to be implemented to incorporate UX recommendations
  • Assess styling used across controls and begin creation of global and universal styling


Control, feature, and styling recommendations


16 hours



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