Visualizing IoT:
Making Sense of Big Data

The IoT (Internet of Things) wave is driving technology strategy – and Infragistics is positioned to help drive success in your IoT initiatives.

Every aspect of our lives will be touched by IoT

Sensors and devices that are part of our everyday lives are connected to the cloud, delivering large amounts of data to improve our everyday experiences and grow our business opportunities. The ability to make sense of this data – with real-time performance, rich interactivity, and meaningful data visualizations – is key to uncovering critical insights, product innovation, and business growth.

Ultimately, the Internet of Things is about enabling people to quickly and effectively interact with these large amounts of on-premise or cloud-based data in order to deliver a competitive advantage, a higher ROI and improved productivity.

By the Year 2018

wearables will be an $8 Billion industry and Big Data will grow into a $50 Billion market opportunity.

By the Year 2020

there will be 50 billion connected “things.” That’s more than 6 connected things per person, compared with less than 2 today.

Well-designed visualizations, accessible anywhere, anytime, will determine the success of your IoT initiatives.

Infragistics and IoT

Our value proposition for IoT is simple: Using our tools and technology, you gain a competitive advantage and reduce your time to market.

The UX of IoT

Just like any technology, superior user experience will be key to driving adoption, increasing sales opportunities and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Cisco reports a $3.7 trillion opportunity in Customer Experience with IoT, meaning the apps you deliver to your employees, customers and stakeholders depend on an exceptional user experience. That’s where we can help. Infragistics is a recognized leader in user experience and data visualization. Our tools and technologies are driving the global success of the largest financial services, healthcare and government agencies.

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