The Ultimate Developer Toolkit

  • Includes 100+ beautiful, fast grids, charts, and other UI controlsBuild web, mobile, and desktop applicationsUse today’s most popular frameworks

    Infragistics Ultimate Developer Toolkit
  • Build high-performing, responsive web applications in JavaScript/HTML5 Works with Angular, React, and other popular frameworks Build Angular apps with the native Angular components in Ignite UI for Angular Includes ASP.NET MVC server-side wrappersLearn More

    Infragistics Ignite UI Javascript / HTML5 Controls
  • Build native, great-looking, high-performance apps for iOS and Android Accelerate development with productivity tools like App Map, NuGet-powered Toolbox, and Control ConfiguratorsLearn More

    Infragistics Xamarin
  • Includes 100+ high-performing grids, dashboards, reports, and other UI controls Build modern enterprise software with Microsoft Office®-style UI controls Supports touch and gestureLearn More

    Infragistics Windows Forms
  • Shorten development time with lightning-fast data grids and dynamic data visualization Create modern, engaging apps for desktop and touch-screen devicesLearn More

    Infragistics WPF
  • Includes the world's fastest data grids, charts, and other ASP.NET AJAX UI components Build intuitive, full-featured business applications for any web browserLearn More

    Infragistics ASP.NET
  • Create running prototypes for mobile, web, and desktop apps Test designs with users before writing one line of code Automate user acceptance testing (UAT) schedulesLearn More

    Infragistics Indigo Studio
  • ReportPlus Embedded SDK

    • Embed analytics and interactive reports into your app
    • Maintain the look and feel of your brand
    • Supports desktop, web, and iOS apps

    Learn More >

    Infragistics Ultimate Developer Toolkit


    • Deliver modern experiences for desktop, mobile, Xbox, HoloLens, and other Windows devices
    • Includes lightning-fast data grid and dozens of best-in-class charts

    Learn More >


    • Create fast, intuitive native iPad and iPhone apps for consumers or business
    • Includes advanced data grid and versatile charts, gauges, and widgets

    Learn More >


    • Includes responsive, native, high-performance data grids, gauges, and barcodes
    • Analyze large datasets with dynamic, zoomable chart controls

    Learn More >

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Angular Reference Application

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Xamarin Reference Application

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WPF Reference Application

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Windows Forms Reference Application

Windows Forms Reference Application

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See What's Included in Infragistics Ultimate

Infragistics Ultimate includes a full set of UI controls for mainstream platforms as well as emerging frameworks

What’s New in Infragistics Ultimate 17.1

  • Revolutionary Productivity Tools for Xamarin and Modern Web

    Automate and streamline your coding with the Productivity Pack. Includes an Application Map, NuGet-powered Xamarin.Forms Toolbox, and several Control Configurators.

  • Responsive Schedule Control for Xamarin and JavaScript

    Schedule appointments and manage associated resources with the new Schedule control in Ultimate UI for Xamarin and Ignite UI for JavaScript. Includes month and agenda views and support for recurring appointments.

  • Real-time Usability Analytics with Video Recording

    Remote usability tests in Indigo Studio now feature full-screen recordings with optional voice and camera input. Pair with a detailed click-map view to ensure your prototype translates into a well-designed app.

  • Updated Grid in Ignite UI for JavaScript

    Advanced filtering, grouping, and caption templating features enhance the fastest JavaScript grid available on the market. A new power search feature helps users find their data quickly.

Ignite UI Reference Apps

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