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Android Data Grid

The Android Data Grid is a brand new cross platform grid built specifically to meet the challenges of displaying large amounts of data on mobile platforms. Built for the mobile world, the Android Data Grid is lightweight, feature rich, responsive, and can handle large amounts of data while providing superior versatility and performance.


Data Source

The Grid's data can be Local (available on the device already), or the grid can retrieve data from a Remote store, e.g. from a web service.


Sorting and Filtering

The Android data grid allows you add sorting to columns in either ascending or descending order. Sorting can be applied to multiple columns to perform more advanced sorting operations. And it’s also got a powerful filtering engine that allows you complete control over how to filter your data. Use a wide range of filters such as function expressions, literal expressions, arithmetic operands and logical operands to build advance filtering capabilities that can span multiple columns.


Built-in Columns

Easily create a Grid with auto-generated columns or select the column types among our built-in Columns including Text, Numeric, Image, DateTime, and Template. All columns’ cells and headers can be configured by setting text properties like text color, font size, background color, alignment, and width.


Responsive Layout

Our Grid dynamically changes the visible columns based on available width by setting break points at different widths or based on the orientation of the device.



You or your user may control columns' Showing, Hiding, Adding, Moving, and Exchanging in a variety of animations, including left, right, top, bottom, fade in, crossfade, or slide over.


Live Scrolling

Data is retrieved on the fly over the web as you are scrolling down, thus ensuring high performance at all times by minimizing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted to the device.



Single and Multi-Row Selection is supported, which allows scenarios like highlighting a row or a master/detail view.