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iOS Grid

Grid -600x 500

NucliOS includes a grid that is much more than your typical tabular grid, consider it more of a multitool that can be used for anything, from laying out and presenting data, to managing navigation within your application.


Grid Layout - 400x 300

Sure you can display your tabular data, but what if you want to make your application really stand out from the crowd. With the IGGridView, you can take your flat data source and connect it to one of our many data source helpers, or even create your own custom layouts. You can customize everything from the content within cells, to adding customer interactions. Swap you vertical scrolling grid for a horizontal one, or even build a custom image viewer with just a few lines of code!


  • Over 40 Series Types
  • Data Source Helpers
  • Support for sections
  • Create Custom Cells
  • Fixed Columns
  • Theming
Grid Layouts - 300x 400

Data Presentation

Grid Data Presentation - 400x 300

While the IGGridView is all about laying out your data, we didn't sacrifice any core functionality that makes a grid a grid. With the built in DataSourceHelpers, just connect your array of data and you're all set to go. With options on sorting, filtering, grouping and more...


  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Editing
  • Cell/Column/Row Deletion
  • Cell/Column Row Insertion
Grid Data Presentation - 300x 400


Grid Navigation - 400x 300

Lots of data? No Problem! The IGGridView follows standard navigation for the iOS platform with a customizable shortcut bar for easily traversing any amount of data you throw at it. You can even use the native Context Menu and present custom menus on any cell in the grid.


  • Shortcutbar
  • Context Menu
  • Sections
  • Section Column
Grid Navigation - 300x 400


Grid Interaction - 400x 300

You can use any of the built in interactions to really make your application pop, from sliding a row to reveal content below it, to allowing users to pull down and refresh.


  • Slide Row
  • Column/Row/Cell Reordering
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Pull Down to Reload
  • Column Resizing
Grid Interaction - 300x 400