Ultimate UI for ASP.NET Web Forms

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Build intuitive, full-featured business applications for any web browser with the most versatile set of ASP.NET AJAX UI controls available anywhere, including the world's fastest data grid and charts.

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Ultimate UI Controls for ASP.NET Web Forms

  • Feature-rich ASP.NET charts with less codingRenders a broad range of rich, high-fidelity chart typesFamiliar bar, line, area, and pie chartsComplex financial, candle, and radar chartsLearn More

    ASPNET Chart
  • Put data tables at your users’ fingertipsEdit, sort, move, filter, and template tabular dataFeatures touch-friendly styling and support for flicking and multi-touch gesturesLearn More

    ASPNET Data Grid
  • Import/export Microsoft Excel workbooks in high fidelityCompiled assembly reads and writes in widely interoperable XLS/XLSX file formatRuns completely independently of ExcelLearn More

    ASPNET Excel Framework
  • Create Microsoft® Word® documents in high fidelityCompiled assembly writes in widely interoperable DOC/DOCX/WordML file formatRuns independently of WordLearn More

    ASPNET Word Framework
  • Plug-and-play, Microsoft® Outlook® 2010-style scheduling solutionFlexible displays include day, week, and month viewsHighly adaptable non-visual controlsLearn More

    ASPNET Schedule
  • ASP.NET Reference Application

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    ASPNET Reference Application

Everything You Need to Optimize User Experience (UX) from Design to Code

We all know how important UX is and the best way to get to a great experience is through iterative and collaborative feedback from users and the team. But the pressures of backlog and timelines get in the way. And it is hard to get pixel perfect from design to code.

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Indigo.Design dashboards for design to code process from design systems to user testing and code generation.

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