Ignite UI for JavaScript and Angular Bootcamp

This offer is designed to accelerate and support development teams in moving their existing or building new applications for the modern Web.


The volatile nature of web development has become a pressing problem for development managers, project owners, and decision makers of every stripe within an organization. Infragistics has been at the forefront of application development for over 25 years, providing businesses the guidance and tools to build out the programs that sustain and guide their internal users, while granting them an edge against their competition. Infragistics’ Services team works with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startups. The broad cross-section gives us insight into the pulse of development across every platform and in every vertical.

Our instructors aren’t just teachers – the Services team’s architects and consultants have practical knowledge of what works for businesses in every stage of web development, from the earliest transition from desktop technologies, to the migration of existing web applications to modern frameworks. Our guidance will inform your decisions and prevent “analysis-paralysis” – within one week, your business will have a clear indication of the direction to follow.


This offering is designed to accelerate and support development teams in moving to the Angular platform while utilizing the powerful Ignite UI control suite. By walking developers and project owners through the core concepts of Angular and familiarizing them on the fundamental languages, frameworks, and architectural guidelines, Infragistics equips teams to be successful in the rapidly changing world of web development. At the end the training, Infragistics will meet with the teams to define a prototype project to be developed in an Infragistics-led workshop.

Because no two companies, departments, or teams are the same, Infragistics allows for a high degree of flexibility in how we work with your developers and stakeholders. With a customizable syllabus that can be tailored to your needs, leaving as much or as little time at the end for us to work on the problems that pose the greatest challenge to your goals, this offering ensures that your developers get the right mix of training and mentoring to successfully move to the world of modern web.

Infragistics doesn’t stop supporting your team at the end of this engagement – we’re on hand to continue assisting your team throughout their development roadmap, providing assistance on the heavy lifting and complex technical challenges that are unique to your project.

Developer Track

  • Four days of Angular and Ignite UI control training (see syllabus below)
  • One day of workshop discussions
  • 1 year subscription to 5 seats of Infragistics Ignite UI
  • Includes Priority Support


We provide this training at our headquarters in Cranbury, NJ, onsite at your offices anywhere in the world, or remotely over web meeting.

Services Engagement Schedule

Developer Track

Angular Training

A deep dive into the Angular platform, covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics, with a syllabus that can be customized to your team's skill levels.

Ignite UI Training

Cover the Ignite UI component set, get familiar with the APIs available to you, and learn best practices when working with controls geared toward high-performance in high-volume scenarios.

Workshop Discussions

Discussion focused on how to take the technology and apply it to the applications your team develop, support, and maintain. Review specific challenges and complex sceanrios that your organization will need to address.

Task 1 - Training & Workshop


Deliver the Infragistics Angular and Ignite UI controls training and work with stakeholders in identifying development path forward



  • Work through the training material as outlined in Appendix A, customized to stakeholder needs
  • Discuss current web development landscape and other framework options


  • Identify training concepts that are key to the challenges faced by the development teams
  • Assess migration concerns with stakeholders and project owners
  • Lay out high-level development direction and technology selection criteria


40 hours


Principal Consultant


Students should have familiarity and experience working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as laptops loaded with the IDE and browser of their choice. We ask that you provide us with these details ahead of the class so we can tailor the training to your needs.

Developer Syllabus

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Ignite UI – Data Visualization and Mobile Controls

  • jQuery Mobile Controls
  • Chart
  • Map
  • Sparkline
  • Bullet Graph
  • Excel/Word Engines

Workshop Discussions

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