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Infragistics' UX and development experts have worked with customers across a wide variety of verticals and business challenges to design and build useful, usable, beautiful and maintainable software products. From communications and construction to technology and transportation, we've created desktop, web-based, mobile and responsive applications. Take a look at some of more recent work.


To keep costs down, the healthcare industry always needs to know if they are improving…and understand why. Our UX team designed an elegant application to enable users to make important decisions quickly.


Keysight Technologies is world's leading electronic measurement company. When they wanted to redesign their Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope interface, they came to Infragistics. Thorough research and thoughtful design resulted in a cleaner, easier-to-understand interface, increased sales and decreased training.


A lot of work goes on behind-the-scenes at a multi-billion dollar company like Phillips-Van Heusen. The Infragistics team made this easier by quickly determining the requirements, redesigning a legacy ordering system, and collaborating on the development.


Infragistics consultants thrive on challenges and the financial services industry is about as challenging as it gets. Our team of Researchers, Designers and Developers worked to create a new application to keep financial professionals on the cutting edge.

Information Systems

Project managers across business verticals tend to use multiple software products to do their jobs – ours included. We decided to put our team to work “in-house” and design the perfect project management proof-of-concept. We like it so much we’ll even give you the code.

Information Systems

CFOs and comptrollers spend a lot of time reviewing and coordinating data across spreadsheets. Our UX team designed a set of dashboards to make the meaning of the data apparent, resulting in faster decisions.


Agero provides complex analytics and actionable insights to businesses and consumers. Infragistics consultants provided the expertise needed to redesign their roadside assistance application, helping businesses maximize efficiency and drivers get where they are going safely.

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