Ultimate UI Controls for WPF

  • Provides superior versatility and performance when editing, sorting, filtering, and groupingShow hierarchical data relationships (such as master-detail records) in a table format

  • Render charts with millions of data points capable of millisecond updates with blazing speedHigh-performance data visualization and analysis on large volumes of data

  • Allow users to manage their user interfaceEnable dynamic reconfiguration of users’ workspacesDocking inspired by Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010

  • Optimal for organizing and enabling a configurable experienceInspired by Windows® themesRibbon represents visual information intuitively and with ease

  • Microsoft Excel®-inspired control allows you to embed Excel document creation and editing experiences right into your application

  • Experience fully automated testing of your WPF applications with Infragistics test automation toolsIntegrates seamlessly with HP UFT

  • WPF Reference Application

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Ultimate UI for WPF $899 per developer, royalty-free subscription
  • Lightning-fast, touch-friendly UI controls, Including data grids, trees, editors, Office® ribbon, and Outlook®-style scheduling
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Infragistics Ultimate $1,995 per developer, royalty-free subscription

Includes Ultimate UI for WPF

  • 100+ desktop, mobile, and web controls
  • Time-saving productivity tools
  • Prototyping and usability testing
  • Additional training/support available
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Infragistics Ultimate Developer Toolkit

UI frameworks, controls, and productivity tools for building high-performing web, mobile, and desktop apps.
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