Android Radial Gauge

Radial Gauge

Make data visualizations and dashboards more engaging with a Radial Gauge that shows off KPIs with rich style and interactivity. The round and semi-round gauges are powerful, easy to use, and highly configurable to present dashboards that display clocks, industrial panels, automotive dashboards, and even aircraft cockpits.

Fully Configurable Radial Scale

Control the start and end positions of the scale, major and minor tick marks, labels, color ranges, and sweep direction. You can create full 360-degree scales, or half-circular gauges with 180-degree, 90-degree, 45-degree scales, or any custom value you choose.

Configurable scale to control various parts of the scale

Configurable Needles

Customize the gauge's needle attributes, such as color, length, point, base, and cape. Pre-set configurations include rectangle, triangle, needle (with or without bulb), and more.

Configurable needles to give each one a customized look

Configurable Backing

Control various visual attributes such as colors, shape, around-the-gauge edges (fitted or circular), oversweep, and corner radius.

Motion Framework Animation Support

The Radial Gauge control supports animated transitions between configuration states. The control gradually animates as it redraws changes to the needle, needle position, scale range, color range, and more. You can control the speed of the animations by setting the desired transition duration.

The Radial Gauge control supports animated transitions between configuraton states.